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Bitcoin evangelist Max Keiser says that BTC has the potential to become the new base layer currency and replace the entire $5 trillion foreign exchange (FX) market.

In an episode of the Keiser Report, the Wall Street veteran takes note of Citibank’s recent report that argues Bitcoin has an advantage in global payments due to its decentralized, deflationary, and secure nature, which are characteristics that put the flagship cryptocurrency in a position to go mainstream.

Keiser highlights that Bitcoin’s advantages as a medium of exchange in global payments are already making banks, including Citibank, obsolete.

“It’s happening right now because the transaction is the settlement, so you don’t need Citibank. It obviates Citibank. It makes Citibank redundant, as are all banks, redundant with Bitcoin. I can trade with you as a currency and it doesn’t require any bank. It doesn’t require a central bank.”

While the Citibank report sees Bitcoin as having evolved from a form of payment to a store of value, Keiser believes it is the other way around.

“And they got it a little bit reversed. They’re saying it started off as a means of payment and people are looking at it as a store of value, but in fact, it started off as a store of value, and now it’s morphing into a means of payment. That’s the whole history of money. So Citibank should know at least the history of money and how money comes into existence but nevertheless, a good effort and I applaud them for at least recognizing that they’re about to go out of business.”

As BTC is starting to be viewed as a more neutral and better settlements layer, the Bitcoin firebrand sees the world’s leading cryptocurrency as something that could supplant trillions of dollars worth of foreign exchange activity.

“Right there’s what, $5 trillion a day in the forex market, foreign exchange, and that could be completely replaced with Bitcoin as the base layer. We’ve seen that demonstrated now buy sending currency from country to country, starting off in one currency, arriving at the destination in that local currency instantaneously, virtually at no cost.”

In other breaking Bitcoin News today:

India To Introduce All-Out Cryptocurrency Ban Targeting Miners and Traders

India is reportedly gearing up to introduce a bill that will criminalize the trading, holding, and mining of cryptocurrencies.

Reuters cites a senior government official familiar with the matter who says the proposal seeks to fine anyone issuing, holding, trading, and transferring crypto assets.

The bill would give owners of cryptocurrencies half a year to sell their digital asset holdings. After the grace period, crypto holders would face penalties.

According to Reuters, government officials are optimistic that the bill will be passed as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s allies control the parliament.

The report adds that the bill would only ban the private use of digital assets while harnessing the blockchain, the technology powering cryptocurrencies, would still be legal. The source also said that the government will take a “calibrated” approach in penalizing those who fail to liquidate their crypto assets within the six-month period.

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Indians can easily (and should) ignore the government and keep stacking sats per their human rights. India could be the first country #Bitcoin dissolves. $220,000 in 2021 incoming.

— Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) March 15, 2021