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Morgan Creek Digital Assets co-founder and partner Jason Williams says Bitcoin could meteorically rise nearly 17,900% in five years as BTC solidifies its position as a safe haven asset.

In a Norwegian Block Exchange interview, Williams offers his bull scenario for the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

“Bitcoin could hit $1 – $3 million dollars in the next five years. People have no idea what it will look like when large banks and countries start holding Bitcoin in their treasury.”

The crypto hedge fund manager highlights Bitcoin’s scarcity as a key characteristic that will attract more institutional players and continue to drive the value of the king cryptocurrency.

In the last few months, institutional players in the form of publicly traded companies have announced their entry into BTC with multi-million-dollar investments.

In September, business intelligence company MicroStrategy upped their BTC investments to $425 million. Last month, payments giant Square revealed that it made a $50 million BTC acquisition.

With more institutions flocking into the number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Treasuries reveals that publicly traded companies have increased their BTC holdings from over $6.9 billion in mid-October to $10.7 billion this month.

In April, when Bitcoin was trading around $6,000, Jason Williams predicted that BTC would surpass its all-time high of $20,000 this year.

In other trending Bitcoin News today:

Trump Or Biden? Max Keiser Explains Why Bitcoin Will Be The Ultimate Winner After the US Elections

Famous TV host Max Keiser explains how Bitcoin will emerge as the ultimate winner, despite who wins the 2020 US Presidential elections.

Max says, “With Trump, who at least understands something about capitalism, the ascent of Bitcoin would be slower as I believe he would calm markets by having the US enter the global hash war that Iran now leads in a Sputnik-like call to enter the Hash Race moment.”

Keiser added that the US needs to strive for a “big slice of Bitcoin’s global hash rate before our competitors do. I know of several countries that will soon announce major sovereign underwritings of BTC hash rate to try and oust Iran’s position.”

Keiser’s views see BTC sharply explode in value in case Biden emerges the winner come Sunday.

“As I’ve said, a Biden win would accelerate Bitcoin’s advance as panic-buying from those looking to escape the socialists, money printers, and MMT’ers goes into hyperdrive.”

“It will be like the 1938’s Kristallnacht (also known as the Night of Broken Glass or the November Pogrom), jack-booted armed thugs will go door-to-door stealing property in the name of social justice.”

Bitcoin is bigger than the elections, asserted Keiser.

It’s an asset that has no real “correlation with anything – stocks, bonds, currencies, gold, commodities, or property – and certainly no political parties or political outcomes, here in the US or anywhere in the world.”

Bitcoin is correlated only to Bitcoin. Despite the outcome of the upcoming elections, Bitcoin will still be backed “by an insatiable hunger.” It’s a cosmic scale hunger because “Bitcoin is the Big Bang of money.”

“To be clear, I don’t mean BTC is backed by energy. What I’m saying is, it’s backed by code that’s unstoppably programmed to consume all available energy on Earth and beyond, to create absolute monetary scarcity to elevate humanity to a more pure spiritual state of existence. Transcendence on this scale takes synchronization and massive amounts of energy.”

Keiser also said that no matter who’s the US president, Bitcoin is on its way to take out gold as the ultimate monetary store of value and doubled-down on his 40x-80x price prediction.

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