Bitcoin Price Rises to ,500 | BTC Meets Banking As US Bank Regulator Permits Crypto Custody

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Bitcoin price broke out from a tightening range to rally above $9,500 but will BTC hold above the crucial resistance level?

Perhaps the move is purely technical as Bitcoin has been compressing into a tighter range of higher lows and lower highs since early June, or possibly investor sentiment has been buoyed by the following massive breaking Bitcoin news today:

US Banking Regulator Greenlights Crypto Custody at Federally Chartered Banks

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has given permission to allow federally chartered U.S. banks to provide clients with crypto custody services. 

This is a positive step forward as it removes some of the rigamarole involved in acquiring and storing cryptocurrency, meaning, crypto investors will eventually be able to hold their digital assets in the same bank where they keep their checking, savings, and brokerage accounts. 

The recent announcement from the European Union to kickstart another $857 billion euro round of stimulus and the expectation that the U.S. Federal Reserve will follow suit with a $1 to $2 trillion economic stimulus package could also be boosting investors’ belief that as long as the Fed is printing, equities will rise and Bitcoin will soon make another run at $10,000. 

This issue has seen much skepticism, given that crypto wallets do not resemble the custody requirements of other sorts of assets. Nonetheless, in its interpretive letter on the subject, the OCC wrote: 

“The OCC recognizes that, as the financial markets become increasingly technological, there will likely be increasing need for banks and other service providers to leverage new technology and innovative ways to provide traditional services on behalf of customers.”

In the words of the announcement, the new opinion “applies to national banks and federal savings associations of all sizes.”

The OCC’s letter further specifies that bank “custody” of crypto assets is dependent on their access to the keys to the crypto wallets rather than any sort of physical requirement — a confirmation of Andreas Antonopoulos’ famous line of “not your keys, not your coins.” the OCC specifies:

“That national banks may escrow encryption keys used in connection with digital certificates because a key escrow service is a functional equivalent to physical safekeeping.”

In regards to the new rounds of stimulus Gemini exchange co-founder and CEO Tyler Winklevoss suggested that: 

“The Fed continues to set the stage for Bitcoin’s bull run.”

Central bank printing continues to push the markets higher In traditional markets, silver started off the week with a strong pump which completed a nice cup and handle pattern on the daily timeframe, and at the time of writing the asset is up 19.25% for the week. 

Gold has also continued its upward trajectory by pushing to a new high at $1,874 today. To date, gold has gained 29% since the coronavirus-driven market correction occurred in mid-March.

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Once there is attention, these illiquid altcoins then get a surge of buyersPushing the price up even more

You can see that with many defi alts $BAND caught on and ppl piled in, this week $ALEPH (both solid btw), next week will be be another

Always another trade to be made

— Josh Rager 📈 (@Josh_Rager) July 22, 2020

The altcoin chart set-ups that get the least engagement usually pump the hardestThat’s because most people arent in & that same mass of people won’t care unless you’re sharing about an asset they’re in

Until after that alt pumps – that tends to grab attention

— Josh Rager 📈 (@Josh_Rager) July 22, 2020

OK, there is the first lift in the BB Squeeze. Now we need to see follow through or we’ll be setup for real trouble, a Head Fake. $BTCUSD

— John Bollinger (@bbands) July 21, 2020