Venture Capitalist Predicts Bitcoin Boom to 0K, Says Ethereum and 4 Altcoins Will Outperform BTC

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Venture Capitalist Simon Dedic says that while he believes Bitcoin will put together a face-melting rally in the next bull run, he sees five altcoins outshining the leading cryptocurrency.

In a recent tweet, Dedic says he expects the crypto market to launch another bull market but warns that the rising tide will not lift all boats.

The founder of digital asset intelligence firm Blockfyre predicts that Bitcoin will soar nearly 1,500% to $150,000 in a new bull cycle.

But unlike the peak of the 2017 crypto bull market, when many altcoins generated gains of over 1,000%, the Blockfyre executive believes only a handful of altcoins will print potentially life-changing gains.

At the top of Dedic’s altcoin’s list is Ethereum (ETH).

He expects the second-largest cryptocurrency to skyrocket to $9,000 for an increase of 3,650% from its current price of $240.

Dedic sees ChainLink (LINK), which is trading at $4.34 at time of writing, to surge over 4,500% to $200.

He also believes Binance Coin (BNB) will soar to $500 and post gains of more than 2,700% from its current value of $17.64.

Next is VeChain (VET), which he predicts will rise almost 15,000% from its current price of $0.006682 to $1.00.

Wrapping up the venture capitalist’s list is Tezos (XTZ). Dedic says he believes XTZ, which is currently valued at $2.91, will generate gains of more than 6,700% as it climbs to $200.

The altcoin market is especially risky, with many coins remaining down more than 90% from their all-time highs in the last parabolic crypto rally, which ended in December of 2017.

In other trending Bitcoin News today:

Billionaire Entrepreneur and Crypto Critic Mark Cuban Admits Bitcoin Is a Store of Value

One of Bitcoin’s biggest mainstream critics says the top cryptocurrency can be a store of value after all.

In a new conversation with Bitcoin maximalist Preston Pysh, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban issues a rare compliment to BTC.

But he maintains that Bitcoin has zero chance of becoming a global reserve currency and challenging the US dollar.

“It can be a store of value. But the conversation started with the challenges of the current federal reserve system. He isn’t wrong about the system. But he is wrong about the fungibility of btc and it’s ability to impact society as a replacement for the current system” – Mark Cuban

Late last year, Cuban said bananas are more useful to him than Bitcoin.

“I’d rather have bananas. I can eat bananas. Crypto, not so much. Look, I can make a great argument for blockchain. There’s a lot of applications and they’ll be used. But you don’t need public Bitcoin, BTC. You can create blockchain on your own without using all the available cryptocurrencies.”

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In 2017, you could have bought literally any alt and it was a good investment.Imo this won’t happen again.However, I still believe that the bull run will return, pumping the few solid alts out there.

Predictions:$BTC $150k$ETH $9k$LINK $200$BNB $500$VET $1$XTZ $200

— Simon Dedic (@scoinaldo) June 4, 2020