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Su Zhu, the co-founder and CEO of fund management firm Three Arrows Capital, is revealing an astronomical Bitcoin price prediction of $2.5 million per BTC.

In a new interview with UpOnly, Su Zhu compares Bitcoin to gold, asserting that gold is likely undervalued and that in the long run, Bitcoin is primed to take over a large portion of the precious metal’s market share.

“I mean, I think there’s an argument that gold itself is very undervalued. If it was the dominant store of value cause this thing was at like $1,700 years ago… and let’s say gold should have 5X’d if there wasn’t Bitcoin, then really we’re looking at a $50 trillion market cap.

So then you’re already halfway there to $100 trillion and that will get you to $2.5 million per BTC and I think that that is definitely possible.”

The CEO says he expects BTC to jump up in sudden price surges along the way and, due in part to institutional investors, simply refuse to return back down to previous levels.

Eventually, says Zhu, the asset will likely look like gold does now – relatively stable.

“I think that at the top of it, it will behave like how gold is now, so low volatility-ish. And I think the way that people should think about how that process will go is that it will be [in] bursts, right. Where the markets look linear in like the short term – it’s always up $1,000, down $1,000 and then you get these bursts. And you get these big repricings and people can never buy again [at the same price].”

As for what Zhu believes will come of the meme crypto asset Dogecoin (DOGE), a project that has caught the eye of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the Three Arrows co-founder says that it could have a significant amount of upward potential with Musk’s support.

“Elon [Musk is] shilling DOGE a lot and he must have a plan for it. So it’s tough to say. It can go up high.”

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Here’s a look at the similarities between the two cycles, and the roadmap that takes the price per BTC to $100,000 and higher within the next couple of months.

Bitcoin volatility is picking up, starting with an explosive move from $10,000 to $50,000 in a few short months. The complete repricing of the coin has been due to institutional investors scrambling to buy what they can of the scarce crypto asset.

At only 21 million coins and a market cap of under $1 trillion, Bitcoin is expected to grow in the long-term reliably. And in an economic climate where growth is challenging to come by, the cryptocurrency has become especially attractive.

But as Bitcoin price discovery takes place, volatility is bound to ensue and is has in recent weeks as the cryptocurrency recently shed 20% in a single day. At prices of $50,000 per coin, a 20% dive means $10,000 in value apiece evaporating into thin air, compared to the $1,000 per plunge crashes during the last bull market.

If the same path is followed, Bitcoin could see further collapse before experiencing a sharp rebound to more than double the price. The price action will play out quickly, taking Bitcoin price first to $75,000 in April, then $100,000 by the time May rolls around.

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Previous macro tops have occurred when thousands of transactions worth 5 to 7 million dollars each were flooding the blockchain. True FOMO. Currently, no such FOMO in sight for $BTC.

— whalemap (@whale_map) February 25, 2021

#Bitcoin doesn’t look too great for a bull continuation coming period.Still, retest at $54,000-55,000 could happen, but I’m cautious when we get there. If we lose $47,000, then I’m looking at $42,000-44,000 and $37,000-38,500 next.

That should be the low.

— Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) February 25, 2021

Fractal From Last Bull Run Says Bitcoin Will Hit $100K By May