Three Altcoins Ready to Outperform Bitcoin | K BTC Price May Be Just Weeks Ahead

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Eerie Bitcoin Fractal Predicts It May Be Just Weeks Before Bitcoin (BTC) Hits $14,000

After rallying as high as ~$10,100 on leading exchanges this week, Bitcoin plunged off a proverbial cliff.

Within 12 hours after hitting the highs, the cryptocurrency dipped by almost $1,000, crushed as long orders cascaded BTC lower.

While this was a bearish rejection at a crucial level, analysts are still bullish.

They cite a confluence of technical and fundamental factors showing that the BTC trend remains slanted to the upside.

Bitcoin’s recently price action may make it seem like a top is forming, but a fractal analysis from a leading analyst in the space has suggested the opposite.

“Fractals also refer to a recurring pattern that occurs amid larger more chaotic price movements.”

The analyst suggested that a fractal has formed between the start of 2019’s 300% rally and BTC’s price action over the past few weeks.

The fractal suggests that BTC will trade as high as $14,000 by the middle of July.

As a pertinent aside: the analyst who shared the chart below is known for observing accurate fractals, which predicted a number of key swings over the past year.

In other trending Bitcoin News today:

Three Altcoins Ready to Outperform Bitcoin (BTC), According to Crypto Analytics Firm Santiment

Crypto analytics firm Santiment says a handful of crypto market metrics indicate that Ethereum (ETH), Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Maker (MKR) all look more bullish in the short term than Bitcoin (BTC).

Santiment looked at each asset’s three-day averages in three metrics.

The first, Daily Active Addresses (DAA) vs. Price

Divergence, compares an asset’s price action to the number of unique crypto addresses interacting with that specific coin on a daily basis.

The metric views price action that outpaces DAA as a bearish signal, and vice versa.

The second, Network Value to Transactions Ratio (NVT), compares the value transferred on a specific network (transaction volume/token circulation) to the network’s market cap. If the transaction volume is low relative to market cap, an asset is considered overvalued and vice versa.

The third metric, Sentiment Volume Consumed, measures the sentiment of market participants on Twitter.

Santiment evaluated each asset using a simplified rating system: 0-10, with 0 representing the most bearish and 10 the most bullish.

A 5 implies a prediction of sideways consolidation.

Bitcoin scored a 3 on the DAA vs. Price Divergence metric, a 2 on the NVT, and a 6.5 on Sentiment Volume Consumed, for an average rating of 3.8, or “slightly bearish.”

Ethereum scored a 5 on DAA vs. Price Divergence, a 5.5 on NVT, and a 6 on Sentiment Volume Consumed, for an average rating of 5.5 (neutral).

Basic Attention Token scored an 8.5 on DAA vs. Price Divergence, a 9.5 on NVT, and a 6 on Sentiment Volume Consumed, for an average rating of 8.0 (bullish).

Maker scored a 9 on DAA vs. Price Divergence, a 10 on NVT, and a 5.5 on Sentiment Volume Consumed, for an average rating of 8.2 (bullish).

Santiment cautions that none of these scores are indicative of the firm’s long-term outlook on each asset.

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Don’t lose sight of the HTF…Our prior resistance region has now been broken and is now being tested as support. Bulls remain in control and gunning for the highs again imo. HTF has been bullish since posting this weeks ago, hope you have been buying the dips. $BTC

— Credible Crypto (@CredibleCrypto) June 4, 2020

Eerie Bitcoin Fractal Predicts It May Be Just Weeks Before BTC Hits $14,000