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The crypto analyst known for first applying the stock-to-flow model (S2F) to Bitcoin is undeterred by the top cryptocurrency’s brutal price action. In a new tweet, PlanB reiterates his view regarding where we are in the current bull cycle, asserting that BTC is only a few months into its bull run.

“Just to be clear: I do not think $60,000 was the top, far from it, because I do not see the kind of transactions that normally happen after an all-time high (red dots). In fact, I think we are just a couple of months out of the bear market (blue dots). And yes, this on-chain view fits S2F(X).”

In other trending Bitcoin News today: Is Bitcoin Top In? Crypto Analyst Nicholas Merten Predicts BTC’s Long-Term Trajectory

“Cycle midpoint is where, generally speaking, you have a rally in this case. You set a pretty significant top for the next weeks or months and then after that, you start to continue that cycle and really set in an official market top for the overall cycle.”

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