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Bitcoin pioneer Max Keiser, RT host of the Keiser Report and Orange Pill Podcast says $77,000 BTC short term target is a lock and predicts the king cryptocurrency will hit $220,000 in 2021 easy.

“Bitcoin hash keeps hitting new ATH. It’s a leading indicator. Based on the current number, $77,000 (short-term) is a lock.

A “Paradigm shift” means bonds crash 50-70% and trillions move into Bitcoin getting us to $220,000 in 2021.

If the Fed loses ability to prevent the market from crashing bonds (as it should) then yea, my Bitcoin to $220,000 in 2021 prediction is easy!”

Another top trader says the Bitcoin bottom is in and plots a new BTC all-time high in March of $80,000, right in alignment with Max’s prediction.

A closely-followed crypto strategist whose credibility in the crypto space rose after nailing Bitcoin’s collapse in March 2020 says he expects BTC to bottom out and print a new all-time high in the coming weeks.

In a new tweetstorm, the analyst known in the industry as Capo looks at a number of technical indicators to show why he believes Bitcoin has carved a bottom.

The trader explains that the steep decline in Bitcoin’s open interest, which refers to the number of contracts held by market participants, is bullish for the leading cryptocurrency,

“Same as the other time (January drop), open interest (OI) has dropped with the price. Late longs got rekt. This drop on the OI due to late longs liquidations mostly, has helped the funding rates to reset. Also, shorts are trapped. They think price hasn’t reached its bottom, so they are shorting the bounce, causing the funding to tend to be negative (bullish).”

Capo also highlights that a concealed divergence on both the Ethereum and Bitcoin charts between the assets’ relative strength index (RSI) and price may indicate that momentum is swinging to the side of the bulls.

“BTC and ETH RSI is forming hidden bullish divergences again, on the high timeframes. This divergence means trend continuation when confirmed. Pivot (invalidation) for BTC: weekly candle close below $33,000. Confirmation for BTC: weekly close above $57,000.”

In addition, the crypto analyst notes that whales are buying the BTC dip, suggesting that the largest crypto holders are building a new base for the next leg up.

“Institutions/whales keep accumulating at these levels. Coinbase Pro outflows going up like crazy.”

With Bitcoin gearing up for the next phase of the bull cycle, Capo believes that the leading crypto asset will skyrocket to a new all-time high of around $80,000 before the end of March.

“BTC new potential range between $60,000 and $42,000. Target after consolidation above the range high: about $80,000.”

In other trending Bitcoin News today:

Bitcoin Sell-Off Over? Strong ‘Buy The Dip’ Signal Flashes For The First Time In 5 Months

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped to the key $44,000-$45,000 support level on Feb. 28 for the third time in the past week.

“It’s a whale war, and you know who got the real power.

“US Institutional Investors

– Coinbase Outflow = STRONG BUY

– Coinbase Premium = BUY

BTC Whales

– BTC Reserve = BUY

– Stablecoin Inflow TXs = BUY


– Miner Outflows = SELL

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It’s a whale war, and you know who got the real power.US Institutional Investors– Coinbase Outflow = 🟢STRONG BUY– Coinbase Premium = 🟢BUYBTC Whales– BTC Reserve = 🟢BUY– Stablecoin Inflow TXs = 🟢BUYMiners– Miner Outflows = 🔴 SELL

– Miner to Exchange Flows = 🔴 SELL

— Ki Young Ju 주기영 (@ki_young_ju) February 28, 2021

UTXO Realized Price Distribution. This is the on-chain, more precise version of volume profile. The peaks represent the price where most coins changed hands. $45k upwards is very strong support.Any dip (if you’re are lucky) into $39k is a no-brainer BTFD.

Data: @glassnode

— Willy Woo (@woonomic) February 27, 2021

Top Trader Says Bitcoin Bottom Is In, Plots New BTC All-Time High in March