MAX KEISER: ,000 Bitcoin Price in Play Before a Pullback – Then BTC is Heading to 6-Figures!!

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Bitcoin pioneer Max Keiser says, “BTC will reach $100,000 and destroy anyone who gets in its way.

In a recent tweet who told his 230,000 followers:

“$28,000 is in play before we see a pullback – and then we’re heading to 6-figures”

Here are some more Max Keiser Bitcoin price predictions:

“All of these projects will be eviscerated,” Max says, adding “Now, bitcoin is going to make its move.” 

He explains that bitcoin has been playing cat and mouse with these other projects to see who’s right and who’s wrong.

“It’s going to go up to $100,000 per coin but it’s going to destroy everyone who gets in its way. So, all these altcoin posers and government subsidy-welfare bums will be eviscerated by the one true bitcoin. It’s about time…” says Max.

We also have full-time futures trader Adam Mancini taking note of Bitcoin’s latest exploits.

He predicts that BTC will print a new all-time high of $24,000 in only six months.

Mancini tells his nearly 60,000 Twitter followers that the crypto king is poised to end its three-year-long consolidation and follow gold’s lead.

“Bitcoin BTCUSD is setting up for a move – likely to follow in GOLD‘s footsteps. We’re coiling into a multi-year triangle, and these don’t resolve with small moves. Given the trend entering this pattern was up, this should resolve the same way with 15k then 24k targets.”

Mancini’s forecast comes as Bitcoin breaks psychological resistance at $10,000, reaching $10,824 at time of publishing according to CoinMarketCap. 

While the top cryptocurrency has struggled to take out that level throughout the year, Glassnode suggests that BTC’s latest trip above five figures may be different.

The crypto analytics platform says its coin days destroyed metric, which looks at the value of each Bitcoin transaction while giving weight to the number of days since the coins were last moved, remained flat as BTC rallied above $10,000 over the weekend, indicating that HODLers are not taking the opportunity to sell their crypto.

“In contrast to the last two times BTC hit $10,000 USD, we haven’t seen an increase in Bitcoin Days Destroyed today.”

In other trending Bitcoin News today:

Top Analyst Tone Vays Says Rapid Bitcoin (BTC) Rise to New All-Time Highs Likely If Crypto King Overcomes One Final Hurdle

Veteran crypto strategist Tone Vays says Bitcoin may be en route to printing a new all-time high, after its sudden rise above $11,000.

But first, it must flash one more bullish technical signal.

The analyst says Bitcoin’s rising market dominance suggests the crypto king is poised to launch a sustained uptrend, which is different from the parabolic rally that ended quickly in 2019.

“So as long as this trend continues, I will be very bullish on Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin will have a pullback back to $10,000. After that, it can take off to a new all-time high quickly, just like gold. I’m still bullish on Bitcoin very much. I’m not touching my HODL position.  I was selling my HODL position in 2019 to pre-pay bills because I did not trust that rally to $14,000.

I trust this rally to go way higher. I’m way more bullish now than I was in early 2019.” In order for Bitcoin bulls to dominate the market, Vays says must hold above a crucial line at $10,000.

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Bitcoin $BTCUSD is setting up for a move – likely to follow in $GOLD‘s footsteps. We’re coiling into a multi-year triangle, and these don’t resolve with small moves. Given the trend entering this pattern was up, this should resolve the same way with 15k then 24k targets

— Adam Mancini (@AdamMancini4) July 26, 2020