MARK CUBAN PICKS BANANAS OVER BITCOIN! | Bitcoin Price Will Surpass K Within Next Year


Now, billionaire technology investor Mark Cuban, has said he’d “rather have bananas than Bitcoin,” warning potential BTC and Cryptocurrency investors that digital tokens have “no intrinsic value.”

Cuban, who was speaking on a Youtube Q&A session for tech magazine Wired, claimed bitcoin was less useful than both bananas and baseball cards, as at least he could eat the bananas and look at the baseball cards.

In other Cryptocurrnecy news today…

Expert predicts the Bitcoin price could be following the same path as gold, which would allow its price to touch the much-coveted $20,000 mark next year.

Are Altcoins ready to explode?!

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#Bitcoin is showing a strong resemblance towards $GOLD prices during the 1980’s-2000’s market cycle!$BTC is moving at a much faster rate, and if we continue following this cycle we would pass all-time highs (20k+) within the next year.

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— Crypto Welson 📊 (@CryptoWelson) October 3, 2019

#bitcoin fractal dimension (parameter b in a power law function y=a*x^b) indicates we are entering a new phase: orange/red. Although it doesn’t feel very orange/bullish at the moment, I am very exited about next 6-12 months 🚀

— Plan₿ (@100trillionUSD) October 3, 2019