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Bitcoin Prediction Raoul Pal

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Real Vision CEO and macro investor Raoul Pal is predicting that Bitcoin could more than triple in value from the current price, while Ethereum could nearly quadruple.

“This is not a certainty. It is a probabilistic outcome. For me, $20k ETH and $200k BTC is a shoe in (70% + chance)”

Pal says that currently, Bitcoin is replicating the price behavior it displayed in 2013: “BTC continues to follow 2013 very well.”

The Real Vision founder also says that there’s a “decent chance” that the current Bitcoin bull cycle could play out for a longer period than previous ones resulting in a Bitcoin price closer to $400K with an Ethereum price of $40,000.

In other trending Bitcoin News today: Analyst Suggests Bitcoin’s Bottom Could Be $50K Assuming BTC Surpasses $200K This Cycle!

“If we apply that same area to the current rant, we get an end-of-cycle target for Bitcoin between $207,000 and $270,000,” the analyst adds. Following the end cycle outlook, Bennett details that the last three bear markets that followed the bull cycles have “produced corrections of 94%, 87%, and 84% respectively.”

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