KRAKEN REPORT: Most Traders Expect New All-Time High Bitcoin Price in 2020 | BTC Drops to .1K


A user poll conducted by Kraken has revealed that most BTC traders are expecting the Bitcoin price to break into new all-time highs before 2021.

The poll analyzed the responses of 400 “VIP” crypto traders on Kraken: 41% of respondents described themselves as “investors”, 40% identified as “traders”, and 15% as “institutions” — with the remaining 4% comprising payment processors, crypto exchanges and miners.

84% of respondents manage less than $10 million in capital, while 11% manage between $10 million and $50 million.

The remaining 6% is divided evenly between traders managing from $50 million to $100 million and traders mobilizing more than $100 million.

The survey found that the average BTC price target for 2020 is $22,866.

However, traders do not expect Ethereum (ETH) to also see new highs — with $810 comprising the average price target for ETH. 

The overall market sentiment is slightly bullish, with 44% of participants stating that the cryptocurrency markets are in a bull market, while 22% believe we are in a bear trend and 34% stating they are unsure.

There was little consensus among traders as to what will accelerate crypto’s growth over the next 12 months, with the top answer comprising “adoption” with 19%.

Bitcoin’s upcoming halving came second with 15%, followed by political “conflict” with 11%, “fear of missing out” with 11%, and economic “crisis” with 9%. 

Respondents came to a greater agreement regarding the major threats to the industry — with 32% of participants agreeing that “regulation” comprises the biggest risk to crypto, followed by “fraud, hacks, scams” with 23%.

Bitcoin Price Drops to $6.1K Shortly After Equities Markets Close Red After trading in the $6,450 to $6,850 range for the past eight days, Bitcoin (BTC) price finally made a larger move, this time to the downside, as the digital asset dropped 8.72% to a daily low at $6,068. 

The move somewhat mirrors the performance of traditional markets, which also closed the day with losses.

The Dow closed with a 915 point loss, the S&P 500 pulled back 3.37% and the Nasdaq was down 3.79%. 

The break below $6,550 pulled the price below the ascending trendline and the $6,450 support.

Traders had anticipated that a sharp move was on the cards after the price had traded sideways on declining volume for the majority of the week, also failing to push above $6,850 and flip the resistance to support.

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