JOHN MCAFEE: Bitcoin Price Could Still Hit $1 Million in 2020 | BTC Price Prediction

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John McAfee Bitcoin Price

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According to John McAfee, the Bitcoin price is still on track to reach $1 Million despite the abysmal BTC price performance in Q4.

When asked whether his uber-bullish BTC price prediction still holds, McAfee succinctly replied: “You bet.”  

In his most recent Tweet he shared:

“In 5 years BTC is up 4082.52% in last 52 weeks it’s up 129.10% in the last month it’s up 10.33% & last 5 day’s its up 1.71%. Fuck FIAT”

During his exclusive interview with U. Today, he claimed that Bitcoin (BTC) was the very first automatic deflationary currency in history, and the end of 2020 was still too far away to dismiss his forecast.

“There are only 21 million [coins] that can ever exist, and 18 million [coins] have already been mined. This leaves only 3 million left, and it will take many years to mine those 3 million coins. In the meantime, 7 million coins have been lost forever, and for every coin that’s mined, four are lost. Do you understand? This is the world’s first automatic deflationary currency.” – John McAfee

In other Cryptocurrency news today, Silk Road Darknet marketplace founder Ross Ulbricht says the Bitcoin price will skyrocket up to $100,000 in 2020.

The blogs were published based on letters he wrote in prison, using a type of market analysis known as Elliott Wave Theory.

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