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Didi Taihuttu, his wife, and three kids bet ‘everything’ they have on Bitcoin. 

This is how the legend of the BTC family begins.

In 2017, CNBC spoke to the Dutch family of five when they were in the process of liquidating their assets — from a profitable business and 2,500-square-foot house, to their shoes — and trading it all in for the popular cryptocurrency and a life on the road. 

Nearly four years and 40 countries later, Taihuttu and his family still don’t have bank accounts, a house, or all that much by way of personal possessions. All of the family’s savings remain tied up in highly volatile cryptocurrencies. 

“We stepped into bitcoin, because we wanted to change our lives,” said the 42-year-old father of three.

When the price of bitcoin collapsed in 2018, Taihuttu added more to his investment portfolio. He says he was always a firm believer that the cryptocurrency was poised for a major rebound. 

“I think in this bull cycle, we are going to see a minimal peak of $100,000. I won’t be surprised if it hits $200,000 by 2022.” 

The price of bitcoin reached an all-time high on Monday, as it closed in on $20,000. And some analysts say the cryptocurrency still has a lot of room to run higher. 

Mike Novogratz, CEO of investment firm Galaxy Digital, thinks this comeback rally is only just getting started. He sees bitcoin rising to $60,000 by next year. 

And Tom Fitzpatrick, global head of CitiFXTechnicals, said the charts signaled that bitcoin could reach $318,000 by December 2021, in a report meant for Citibank’s institutional clients and obtained by CNBC.

Taihuttu bought the bulk of his bitcoin holdings when it was was trading at around $900 in early 2017, just months before it reached nearly $20,000 a coin. 

Even as bitcoin peaked, the family stayed invested in the cryptocurrency. Once the bubble burst, and the price tumbled down to about $3,000 in early 2018, Taihuttu and his family weren’t deterred. “When bitcoin dipped, we started to buy more.” 

When I asked Taihuttu on our Skype call whether he was worried that we could be in the midst of another bitcoin bubble, he doubled down on his investment. “I don’t see demand going down,” he added. “I think we’re headed for a supply crisis.” 

In other trending Bitcoin News today:

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Says Bitcoin’s ‘Crazy Rocket Ship Ride’ Is Just Beginning

Veteran investor and hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is likening Bitcoin and crypto to the early stages of the internet.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Jones says that while he is not sure where Bitcoin will land in the financial landscape a decade from now, he is fairly confident that it is in the early stages of a major upward movement.

“So what I do know is that it’s no way possible today to know what the next 10 or 20 years are going to be like and I know if I had to take a position on it I’m going to take the brand name and I’m going to assume that it’s the wrong price for the possibilities that it has and I’m going to assume that the path forward from here is north.

I think crypto is going to have a crazy rocket ship ride, up and down along the way, but my guess is that something like Bitcoin in particular will be substantially higher 20 years from now than where it is right now and who knows what role it has in the monetary system.”

“Bitcoin reminds me so much of the internet stocks of 1999 because [when] the internet was in its infancy no one knew how to value it because of the world of possibility that lay ahead.

What you can be certain of is that probably 20 years from now is that we’ll be using some kind of digital currency.”

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Micro strategy now holds 40k bitcoin.There is about 2.44M bitcoin left to mine.So if we think of fresh supply coming in, there is only room for 61 more companies to hold as much as MSTR before the last sat is mined.

The rest has to be torn out of hodler hands.

— hodlonaut 🌮⚡🔑 🐝 (@hodlonaut) December 4, 2020