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Max Keiser Bitcoin $880K

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Popular TV host of the Keiser Report and legendary Bitcoin bull Max Keiser predicts that ‘before’ the 2024 US presidential election BTC will be worth trillions and become the world reserve currency.

Max tweeted: 

“Before 2024 US Presidential election: 

1. BTC worth trillions 

2. BTC – world reserve currency 

3. Countries locked in Hash War

4. Most banks will be gone, replaced with Central Bank ‘crypto’

5. Combined political power of BTC billionaires will dominate policy”

Earlier this year, live on the Alex Jones show, Keiser officially raised his Bitcoin price target for the first time in eight years to $400K per BTC.

“I’m raising my official target for the first time in eight years,” Keiser told Jones in a February 17 video interview. 

“I’m raising it to $400,000.” The BTC maximalist proceeded to argue that it is not too late to get into the revolutionary money of the future, and in fact, it’s just the beginning. 

“So this is your new chance to make the bitcoin phenomenon work for you, Alex Jones.” Keiser clarified that the $400K target is based on the value of gold, and called bitcoin “gold 2.0.” 

Then just last month Max upped his Bitcoin target again sharing, “People with zero Bitcoin exposure like Warren Buffett will see their wealth hyperinflate to nothing while Bitcoin’s price skyrockets 40-80x.”

So for Bitcoin to 80X at the time of his prediction, this would put the Bitcoin price at about $880,000.

In other trending Bitcoin News today:


Bitcoin has begun to surge higher again after multiple days of consolidation under $16,000. Hours ago, the leading cryptocurrency moved from the $15,900 resistance it was trading near toward $16,500.

Analysts are not yet convinced it’s clear skies for Bitcoin, though. This comes in spite of some sentiment shared that there is no serious technical resistance from here until $20,000.

Crypto-asset analyst Josh Rager recently shared 2 charts.

The chart depicted on the left shows that Bitcoin interacted with three levels on multiple occasions during the rally of late-2017 and early-2018: $16,173, $16,600, and $17,150.

The chart on the right shows that Bitcoin is currently approaching these technical levels. Considering their historical importance, there is a high likelihood they will act as resistance for the cryptocurrency moving forward. As Rager explained:

“Keep an eye on these key Bitcoin price levels (daily/weekly) from the 2017-2018 highs They could likely reject before moving higher But after $17,149, there isn’t a lot standing in the way before $19,000+.”

Analysts say that Bitcoin will soon hit new all-time highs.

Tyler Winklevoss, CEO of Gemini and a Bitcoin billionaire with his twin brother Cameron, recently stated:

“I do think we will see an all-time-high price for Bitcoin before 2020 is over. Even though the price has climbed from 10k to almost 14k in less than a month, it hasn’t really gone on a breakout run yet. When we start to see 3-5k surges then the bulls will be on the run.”

Winklevoss was recently quoted as saying that Bitcoin could hit $500,000 in the years ahead. Such a rally would give the cryptocurrency a higher market capitalization than gold has today.

He thinks that Bitcoin will achieve such a rally due to the immense buying pressure that will take place due to monetary inflation. 

The Winklevoss twin added that the cryptocurrency is fundamentally better than the leading precious metal, which should aid a rally.

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