Bitcoin Price to Hit K or K Next? Crypto Traders Discuss Macro Signs | India Plans BTC Ban

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The Bitcoin price is still struggling to break out above $10,000 following three failed attempts over a 36-day period.

Traders remain mixed on the short-term BTC price trend as macro indicators suggest varying trends.

Many traders believe the price of Bitcoin is primed for a rally above the multiyear resistance level of $10,500, which would confirm the end to a two-year price cycle and the start to a newfound rally.

Others foresee the price of Bitcoin falling all the way to the $6,000–$7,000 range in the near term, given the three consecutive rejections of the same range in between $10,000 and $10,500 spanning over a month.

Historical data shows that declining volatility and volume suggest a large Bitcoin price movement will likely occur in the near term.

For instance, the price of Bitcoin in early September 2019 was hovering around $10,500 to $10,800.

At the time, the volume of both futures and spot markets declined substantially compared with the previous two weeks.

By the end of October, after a month of consolidation, the price of Bitcoin dropped from $10,800 to $7,300, recording a 32% pullback within two months after weeks of low volatility.

The bullish scenario for Bitcoin in the short term Traders generally anticipate a Bitcoin upsurge in the near term due to three main reasons: a compelling technical structure, an increase in the number of long-term holders and a rapidly growing hash rate.

According to Michael van de Poppe, a full-time Amsterdam Stock Exchange trader, the short-term trend of Bitcoin is optimistic as long as the price remains above $9,100.

The $9,100–$9,300 range has served as a strong support area for Bitcoin since May.

If the price holds $9,100 and breaks above $10,500 once again, van de Poppe emphasized that $12,000 is likely next.

He said: “If we break $10,000, next level is $10,500. If we break $10,500, next level is $11,500-12,000. Crucial level to hold; $9,100-9,300.”

Similarly, cryptocurrency trader Nunya Bizniz said earlier this month that the following levels are the most important for BTC to see a prolonged rally:

* $10,000: a resistance and psychological barrier;

* $10,500: first higher high, change to market structure;

* $11,600: last three cycles, a monthly close is above a key technical level at 50% Fibonacci retracement; and

* $14,000: a close above a monthly all-time high indicates an attempt at BTC’s record high.

In other trending Bitcoin News today:


The Indian government may ban Bitcoin. According to a report by Economic Times, the country’s finance ministry has sent the proposal for inter-ministerial consultation.

The department then expects to forward the plan to its top cabinet, which operates directly under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The move further allows the motion to be tabled as a bill in the parliament.

“While we have recognized… the power of Reserve Bank of India to take preemptive action, we are testing in this part of the order the proportionality of such measure, for the determination of which RBI needs to show at least some semblance of any damage suffered by its regulated entities. But there is none.”

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$BTC #BITCOINSlight wick now, which is fine.If we break $10,000, next level is $10,500.If we break $10,500, next level is $11,500-12,000.Crucial level to hold; $9,100-9,300.

Check it here:

— Crypto Michaël (@CryptoMichNL) June 10, 2020

BTC overhead stepping stones:1. $10K – Resistance & psychological barrier2. $10.5K – 1st higher high, changes market structure.3. $11.6K – Last 3 cycles, a monthly close above 50% Fib retracement = 🚀

4. $14K – A close above monthly ATH close always = 🚀

— Nunya Bizniz (@Pladizow) June 1, 2020

The government needs to stop this madness of deciding whether they want to ban crypto or not. Either do it so we can fight it or come up with better regulations instead of throwing a news byte every few days creating panic in public.

Aadmi kare to kya kare?

— Naimish Sanghvi (@ThatNaimish) June 12, 2020

Evidence of buyer interest around $btc M.O.This level got front run on recent dumps. Sellers just don’t have what it takes to push price down.


— Mohit Sorout 📈 (@singhsoro) June 11, 2020

India Plans Bitcoin Ban Even as Its Banking System Gradually Collapses