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Bitcoin Price Today


Could a government kill BTC by manipulating the Bitcoin price to stay under $1,000?

The famous trader and economist Alex Kruger expressed on Crypto Twitter his thoughts on how Bitcoin (BTC) could be eliminated for good.

Tech specialists are investing a lot of cash to control more than half of the Crypto network, but Kruger thinks this process could be completely halted and that a government would be able to kill Bitcoin just by keeping the btc price at under $1,000.

Alex Kruger tweeted…

“Governments could stop bitcoin pretty simply. How? Just short it. Keep it under $1000 for a long while, watch most people loose interest permanently. No need to bother with 51% attacks.”

Kruger then added…

“No need to panic. Government more interested in regulating and taxing than destroying or banning. I don’t think the US govt has any interest in stopping bitcoin. They just want to regulate it. If they wanted to crush it and legally could, then they would, and the intolerant minority would remain. But the masses wouldn’t likely come back for decades. Price in the doldrums.”

In other Crypto news today…

China anti-cryptocurrency FUD is sending BTC into a slump as it enters its third week of sell-offs.

Don’t worry though, says skewAnalytics, Bitcoin will be bullish long term next year.

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