Bitcoin Price ‘Likely’ Bottomed in $3.7K BitMEX Crash Says Tone Vays | BTC Reclaims $6.3K

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Bitcoin Price Tone Vays


The Bitcoin price likely reached its low when it hit $3,700 earlier this month, veteran trader Tone Vays has forecast as markets remain up 70%.

In the latest episode of his Trading Bitcoin YouTube series on March 29, Vays repeated his previous claim that, logically, the BTC price should bottom at 20% of its 2019 highs — $2,800.

Vays on $2.8K: “I don’t think it’s likely anymore”

This could occur before May’s block reward halving and not endanger Bitcoin’s long-term perspective, he said, but a dive after that event could have grave consequences.

After March 12, when Bitcoin (BTC) bounced off 15-month lows of around $3,700, Vays now thinks that Bitcoin will not return to put in lower levels.

“I don’t think it’s likely anymore,” he summarized.

“Because I think this incident, this event earlier this month was close enough $2,800 that I’m no longer expecting $2,800.”

Since the bounce, Bitcoin has broadly maintained higher support, with the recovery reaching almost 90% in the subsequent two weeks.

Continuing, Vays suggested that in fact, $2,800 would have appeared during the dive and that it was only the crashing of derivatives giant BitMEX which prevented it.

“If BitMEX did not go down, we probably would have $2,800 and maybe even lower,” he said. 

“It’s very possible that if BitMEX didn’t crash, the selling would have just accelerated, but right now, I’m under the assumption that the low is in.”

Bitcoin Price Reclaims $6K as Traders Eye New BTC Futures Gap Above

The past 24 hours had seen the pair dip to lows of $5,870 after signaling weakness throughout the weekend.

Those were short-lived, however, with Bitcoin regaining lost ground within hours. 

Now, hopes were high that price action would remain more bullish, allowing Bitcoin to close a new futures gap left at the end of trading on Friday. 

The gap lies between around $6,300 and the closing price of Friday’s CME futures session at $6,680. 

As Cointelegraph reported, Bitcoin has very often returned to trade at levels left behind by futures markets — before its price volatility surged in mid-March, just one gap remained, much higher at $11,800.

For Cointelegraph Markets analyst Michaël van de Poppe, however, there was overall still a bearish trend in Bitcoin, despite the upside potential posed by the gap.

“The first level for support held and we’ve pushed upwards. There’s also the CME Gap, probably the reason why we’re moving, so that could be closed first,” he tweeted on Monday. 

“This means that a $6,050 flip could trigger another push to $6,400-$6,500, before further down.”

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