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Bitcoin price broke down suddenly below the $9,000 mark, breaking down along with global stock prices.

Crypto analysts believe the Friday slump across markets is a response to the still uncertain trade deal between the US and China.

The DJIA fell by 1% to 26,666 points, the same loss was logged by the S&P 500 futures, to 3,085 points.

The stock prices are a factor with the potential of indirectly influencing the BTC price.

The Bitcoin (BTC) price was mostly stagnant in the past week, calming down with expectations for a bigger move.

In other Cryptocurrency news today, Ripple CEO reacts to XRP sell-off, says bullish trends emerging for Crypto ecosystem at large.

In a new interview, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse offers his take on XRP’s performance in 2019.

Ripple XRP began the year at $0.35 and is now $0.27 at time of publishing, while Bitcoin and most of the Cryptocurrency market at large are in the green for the year.

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November has been historically one of bitcoin’s greatest performing months dating back to 2012.

November 2018 was the main (and memorable) exception.$BTC is presently up only 1.5% for November 2019…What will the next 3 weeks bring?#bitcoin

— James Todaro (@JamesTodaroMD) November 5, 2019

Bitcoin Price Dips Below $9,000 as Global Stocks Slump