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“Bitcoin is conducting a 51% attack on the world’s fiat money supply. The price of BTC in fiat will go to infinity because none of the world’s worthless flag money will survive. None of it ever has over the past 300 years”, says RT host Max Keiser of the Keiser Report.

He continued in another tweet:

“The U.S. is just one of 195 countries in the world, all of which are vulnerable to a Bitcoin 51% attack on their fiat money. The nation state model has a good run, but it’s over. None will survive BTC. Secure your place in the new world with BTC.”

Wall Street veteran Max Keiser says he believes a supply shock will fuel Bitcoin’s rise to $1 million.

In a new interview with Express, the host of the Keiser Report says he’s convinced institutions will find ways to purchase Bitcoin directly from miners and effectively box retail investors out.

“The demand for Bitcoin is growing almost exponentially while supply is mathematically locked at 900 a day and in fact, in 2024, the supply gets cut in half again to 450 a day.

This is why I think institutions that are buying bitcoin will do so directly from miners and the public won’t have a chance to buy any. The public will be shut out as the price rockets to $1 million per coin… Meanwhile, Generation Z who bought lots of Bitcoin when it was under $100, will be the new global power elite. The world order is about to flip.”

Keiser points to the fact that high profile investors such as Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller and Bill Miller are now bullish on BTC as a sign of what’s to come.

He also notes PayPal’s new support for Bitcoin as another game changer, citing recent estimates that the payments company is buying more than the daily supply of BTC.

Keiser says daily demand for Bitcoin from top trading platforms appears to be at least 2,600 BTC, while the amount of daily supply from mining is locked at 900 BTC.

In other trending Bitcoin News today:

Bitcoin Price Metric That Called 2020 Bull Runs Flashes ‘Buy’ Again

An “elegant” Bitcoin (BTC) metric that predicted its run to $12,000 in August has flashed bullish again for the first time since July.

As noted by creator Charles Edwards on Dec. 3, the Hash Ribbons indicator is now signaling for buyers to enter the Bitcoin market.

Uploading an annotated chart to social media, Edwards, who is also the founder of digital asset manager Capriole, noted similarities between Bitcoin now and before the previous bullish upticks throughout this year.

“Look what I found. A blue dot,” he commented, identifying the new entry point.

Hash ribbons are based on Bitcoin’s network hash rate behavior and designed to tell investors when price is due to experience upside.

In theory, when miners capitulate due to events such as a major price correction, hash rate declines, only to revive thanks to Bitcoin’s automated difficulty readjustments. Hash ribbons demonstrate that around midway through this miner capitulation is an optimal time to take positions.

As the saying goes, “Price follows hash rate” in Bitcoin, hash ribbons lend technical proof to the popular mantra.

Edwards’ “blue dot” occurs when the 30-day hash rate value crosses the 60-day value, indicating a recovery is underway.

“Hash Ribbon is setting up for a buy signal soon,” Rafael Schultze-Kraft, chief technical officer of on-chain analytics resource Glassnode, continued with a further chart.

“When hash rate recovers (30d MA crosses above 60d MA) and BTC price momentum is positive, Hash Ribbon has given excellent entry points.”

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#Bitcoin is conducting a 51% attack on the world’s fiat money supply.

The price of BTC in fiat will go to infinity because none of the world’s worthless flag money will survive. None of it ever has over the past 300 years.

— Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) December 2, 2020