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“Bitcoin has been a monster from $1 to $11,000 and is now heading to $400,000”, says BTC pioneer Max Keiser, RT host of the Keiser Report.

When asked about a timeline for his bullish $400K Bitcoin price prediction, Max responded,

“It all depends upon how fast the dollar collapses, BTC has no top.”

Max says Bitcoin has no top because the US dollar has no bottom and when it comes to investing…

“You want hard money, something they can’t print.”

In other trending Bitcoin News today:

Apocalypse Survival Requires 1 BTC…

Says Joe Rogan Guest Celebrity and podcaster Adam Curry described the importance of Bitcoin to podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan.

He posited the asset’s importance amid an internet-based world which thrives on personal data sales, banking activities, and centralized control. 

“The apocalypse is coming, and you’re gonna need a Bitcoin — at least one,” Curry said in a Sept. 8 interview with Rogan.

“Are you a Bitcoin salesman, Adam Curry?” Rogan responded, put off at first by the comment. 

“I was very anti-Bitcoin, until I sold a s***load of them at like $900,” Curry said said, noting he acquired a stack of the asset in its early days. “I got them for nothing,” he said, adding: 

“People just gave them to me in the beginning and I denied it.”

He then referenced the industry’s progress over the last decade, including mention of altcoins. 

Rogan responded, opening an age-old can-of worms. He asked Curry why BTC remains in the number one go-to position among thousands of other crypto assets, wondering if another asset will overtake the asset’s spotlight. 

“Ten years of data have shown that Bitcoin really is the only one that you can trust,” Curry said, referring to the asset’s resistance against manipulation and its trail-blazing technical makeup. 

Much talk of a flippening — a digital asset overtaking Bitcoin’s market cap — has come and gone over the years, but no asset has yet achieved such a feat. 

In other Crypto news today:


Bitcoin has flirted with a recovery ever since it hit $9,800 late last week.

The leading cryptocurrency currently trades at $10,250, but traded at both $9,900 and $10,400 over the past few days.

A crypto analyst believes that the cryptocurrency closing above $10,450 could trigger a recovery to $11,200. $11,200 is 9.2% above the current price and 7.1% above the validation point of this bullish theory.

“No candle has closed below 10.100 in 7 days, good work of the Spartans. Now bulls need to close above to 10.450 to “confirm” a up move to 11.2k.”

This trader isn’t the first to have assigned importance to the resistance in the $10,450 region.

A historically accurate analyst thinks that Bitcoin moving above $10,500 could trigger a textbook Wyckoff Accumulation pattern.

That pattern, should it play out, will take BTC back into the $11,000-12,000 range as the above analyst also suggested.

Analysts still think that macroeconomic trends favor Bitcoin’s growth in the longer run.

Mike McGlone, a senior commodity analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, recently wrote on the matter of BTC’s price action:

“Gold at $1,900, Bitcoin $10,000 Return to Decisive Support Zone – Some overdue mean reversion in the stock market is pressuring most assets, but we expect gold and Bitcoin to come out ahead in most scenarios. Declining equity prices encourage more monetary and fiscal stimulus…”

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