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Max Keiser, Wall Street veteran and Bitcoin pioneer just tweeted the following regarding his short term BTC price prediction:

“As I’ve been pointing out… There’s nothing but air from $14,000 to new ATH. I don’t expect any kind of pullback until $28,000 and it may be short lived.”

This was in response to a tweet from Matt Kaye who shared:

“After $14,000 there are literally no coins on the books…Only 900 new BTC mined per day. That’s ~$13MM of fresh daily sell side. These are the makings of a sell side liquidity crisis aka reflexive buying to the upside.”

Bottom line, most cryptocurrency influencers across the board are all pretty much very bullish right now on king of all crypto.

In other trending Bitcoin News today:

Crypto Analyst Calls Bitcoin the ‘Most Bullish Asset of Our Time’ As Traders Track Ethereum’s Next Move:

A widely-followed crypto trader and influencer says he expects Bitcoin to continue rallying and shatter its all-time high in the coming months.

The pseudonymous trader tells his 231,000 Twitter followers that Bitcoin is “the most bullish asset our time” as he believes BTC will blaze through its all-time high of $20,000.

According to a chart shared by block explorer service, Bitcoin has meteorically risen from $0.06 in September 2010 to its current price of around $13,000, representing an increase of over 26,600,000% in a span of 10 years.

Meanwhile, gold and the S&P 500 have climbed 103% and 233%, respectively, over the same stretch.

While Bitcoin continues to show signs of strength, Ethereum (ETH) is struggling to maintain its bullish steam as the leading smart contract platform moves below $400.

Despite the pullback, the top traders in the industry remain long-term bullish on Ethereum. Crypto strategist Scott Melker tells his crew of 129,000 that he’s ready to buy more ETH even if it drops all the way down to support of $360.

“ETH (USD) Approaching my bids. I am interested in the black line as a potential resistance to support flip, and slightly below at the EQ of the trading range, another resistance to support flip. $389-395, give or take. If it drops lower I will buy more, down to $360 or so.”

Crypto trader Rekt Capital believes Ethereum is in the phase of consolidating gains and it’s only a matter of time before the second-largest cryptocurrency resumes its uptrend.

“ETH continues to follow BTC. While BTC has broken out to new highs, ETH has broken back into its previous money flow channel. ETHUSD will be range-bound between $391-$434 for now. I expect ETH to resume its catchup to BTC once BTC cools down.”

While other traders are long-term bullish on Ethereum, closely-followed trader DonAlt is cautious on ETH as he says the cryptocurrency is struggling to move above monthly resistance of $400.

“In stark contrast to BTC, ETH has failed its monthly level and is now finding resistance there. If ETH fails to reclaim that resistance this month I think $270 (the next support) is more likely than further upside.”

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Show Notes / Resources:

As I’ve been pointing out… There nothing but air from $14,000 to new ATH

I don’t expect any kind of pullback until $28,000 and it may be short lived.

— Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) October 27, 2020

While we wait for BTC post an all-time-high, both on the monthly chart of $14k and the 20k prior top. I’ll point out that the organic valuation under NVT Price from underlying long term investors is already at an all-time-high. Price will follow.

— Willy Woo (@woonomic) October 27, 2020

I do think we will see an all-time-high price for #Bitcoin before 2020 is over. Even though the price has climbed from 10k to almost 14k in less than a month, it hasn’t really gone on a breakout run yet. When we start to see 3-5k surges then the bulls will be on the run

— Tyler Winklevoss (@tyler) October 27, 2020