BITCOIN COULD SOON SEE 20% SURGE TO ,700 | BTC Pullback Accelerates, Crypto Bull Run Over?

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Bitcoin has seen quite the turn of events over the weekend; the BTC price of the leading cryptocurrency has whipsawed between $9,700 and $10,500, failing to establish a short-term trend due to an endless tug of war between buyers and sellers.

While many analysts and investors have attributed this indecisive price action to a potential topping in the Bitcoin (BTC) market, some are sure the asset is poised to continue even higher in the coming weeks, citing the fact the cryptocurrency maintained the $9,500 price point – a level that has been critical for BTC to hold over the past few months.

Prominent cryptocurrency investor George recently remarked the Bitcoin price is still on track to rally towards the $11,700 price point – around 17% higher than the current price – in the coming weeks.

He backed this forecast by posting a chart, seemingly suggesting the cryptocurrency, despite rejecting the 0.25 level of a weekly range formed in 2019, has held the $9,700 swing low and the $9,500 inflection point.

George further explained “Keep it simple, $11,700 is next. Invalidation [if there is a] clean break below $9,500.”


The crypto correction that began over the weekend has accelerated into Monday morning as bitcoin slides back towards support.

Altcoins, which have rallied hard recently, are in deeper pain with several dumping double digits today.

Total crypto market capitalization has dumped a further $15 billion over the past 24 hours or so.

The slide has taken total cap back to $280 billion, which is still 47% higher than it was at the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin has failed to break $10k again and further losses are expected but how low will it fall this time?

Lower highs are being made on the bitcoin chart which means that the short term downtrend is accelerating.

It failed to break resistance at $10k a few hours ago and has since slumped back towards $9,700 where there is support.

If this level does not hold BTC is expected to fall back to the $9,350 region where there is further support.

If this crucial zone is broken then things could get ugly fast with a potential dump back into the low $8k region.

Analysts and traders remain optimistic however with some pointing out that the correction is not even 10% yet from a climb of 46% so far this year.

“$BTC has risen 60+% since the first of the year and everybody is now scared of a 10% drop? Really?” – CryptoFibonacci

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$BTCBullish – nice 4 hr & daily close to end Sunday, bounced at key area of $9800 (HVN)Bearish – still forming lower highs/lower lows on intraday charts, CME price pullback from $10,075. less premium

Still needs to hold $9800+ on HTF or we’ll still visit $9,300 to $9,550

— Josh Rager 📈 (@Josh_Rager) February 17, 2020

I wouldn’t mind a 10-20% dip here if it means alts crash by 70%+. The malinvestments from the last bubble don’t feel finished 2+ years later.

— Jimmy Song (송재준) (@jimmysong) February 17, 2020

Bitcoin Pullback Accelerates, Is The Crypto Bull Run Over?

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