Best Places to Earn Interest on Your Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin Bears Target ,000

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Bitcoin price just had a nice pump to $7,686 and is currently sitting at $7,458 after the Cryptocurrency market trading sideways over the past few days.

Bitcoin bears target BTC price at $5,000. Cointelegraph contributor Benjamin Pirus wrote that after BTC’s corrective bounce up to $7,875 last week, Bitcoin was unable to shake its larger downtrend.

Instead, it headed back down to the $7,300 trading region.

Pirus added that BTC could ultimately drop to a trading price near the $5,000 price mark, as its charts look mostly bearish at present.

In other Crypto news, how would you like to earn interest on your Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto assets?

In a little under a year, DeFi has become a significant component of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

But which platforms pay the most interest? Decentralized finance is often hailed as a prime use case for digital assets.

Lending practices among DeFi platforms follow similar patterns: loans are overcollateralized, meaning the risk of default is negligible and lending is more responsible than that of the fractional reserve banking system used by legacy lending institutions.

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Best Places to Earn Interest on Your Cryptocurrency